The Jay Massad Annual Campaign
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This year, because of your generosity and support, thousands of kids, families and individuals will participate in YMCA programs that improve their health, enrich their lives,
and help them cope with life challenges that can seem over whelming. As an advocate
of the Y, you have taken an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change
right in your own neighborhood. We believe real change can only come about when we
all work together.  That’s why we are committed to providing opportunities for kids,
adults and families to learn, grow and thrive.  Each year the need for assistance grows;
by working together , we can have a meaningful and tangible impact in our community. We are grateful that you are part of our mission and can't thank you enough for your support.

We need your help to continue to make a differnce in our community. Please visit our
DONATION PAGE or contact a Diane Morrison or Laney Humenik to see how you can help.

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Stacy Stovall
Director of Annual Giving
540-371-9622 x 1016
Thank You For Your Contributions!
Access Eye Center (Arash & Michele Mansouri)
Joesph Acors
Wayne & Julia Acors
Karen Adams
Lisa Alberts
Anysia Alhanati
John Allen
Allergy Partners of Fredericksburg Toni Massing
Steven Apicella
A Place In Time (Judy Balch)
Armand Company (Buddy Fredette)
Diane Armstrong
Michael Arrington
Virginia Arrington
John Atkins
Kathleen & Phillip Atkins
Augustine Homes, LLC
Ball, Sr. William
Theresa Barringer
Bates Billy H.
BIllie Baucom
Leigh Baysden
Linda Beale
Holly Bean
Henry Bean III
Grace Becker
Steven Beebe
Gloria Bennett
Jen Benson
Carrie Bertauski
Addie & Derek Besemer
Rhyan & Leah Besemer
Best Western (Cathy Treon)
Melanie Bibens
Justin Bishops
Stephanie Bledsoe
Anna Botts
Tracey Boutte
Phyllis Boykin
Michael Bragin
Kathleen Bramlette
Brand X Jason Farrier
Sara Branner
Jo Brett
Kay Brooks
William Broughton
Gene C. Brown
Annette Buck
John & Kathleen Bufalari
Tiffany Burkhart
Suzanne Bushee
Pam Butler
Julie Caiafa
Patrick Caiafa
Sharon Calahan
Jessica Callahan
Theresa Campbell
Capital One (Matching Gifts Program) LaTanya Hicks
Terry Carden
Mary C Carlson
Carmax Foundation Leslie Parpart
Carme Expresso
Cheryl Carter
Mary Beth Carter
Rosemary B. Caruso
Castiglias Restaurant
George Caswell
Judith Caviglia
Kenneth Chapman
Chick-fil-A (Celebrate Virginia)
Chick-fil-A (Central Park) Lisa Green
Brenda Clare
David Clare
Elizabeth Clark
Jennifer Cleven
Terry Cleven
Deborah Codori
Robert Colbroth
Katherine Cole
Shauna Collier
Megan & Micah Colón
Elsa Colt
Morgan Compher
Lori A. Connell
William Connell Family
Kacey Conroy
Gary Cooper
Jenny Couch
County of King George (Steve Dempsey)
Heather Cox
Lori Craig
David Crite
Thomas Cue
Burce Cushing
Tracy Damron
Elizabeth Dause
Linda Davis
Debi Davis
Tracy Davis
Mary Deadman
Hendrikus de jager
Nancy de Jager
Robert DeBlasi
Mike E. Degen
Wanda Deitemey
Daniel Demarchis
Charlene Dempsey
Josephine Dodt
Dominion Employee Giving Program Roger Hill
Kami Downey
Dr. David Terrell, Orthodontics (Dr. David Terrell)
Amanda Duenas
Earl's True Value
Edible Arrangements Megan Fortney
Mary A Edson
Scott Edson
Detric Edwards
Diana K. Egozcue
Stacie Ellis
Mary English
Sarah Faulconer
Remus Fetea
Britney Filkoski
Christopher Fines
Dascha Finley
Mary Fisher
Stephanie Foster
Mary Carter Frackelton
Shirley Frank
Fredericksburg Cyclists Club
Fredericksburg Orthodontics
Fredericksburg Regional Transit
Armand Fredette
William Freehling
F. J. Gangle
Georgia Gangle
Wendy Gayle
Paul Gehring
Auralie Gehring
Gary Gemmill
Christina Gemmill
Gene George
Lewis Geter
Harold Gielow
Sylvia Gillespie
Heidi Gimmellie
Global Impact (Stanley Berman)
Alice Glover
Nathan Gordon
Peter Gotthardt
Peter Gotthardt
Frank Graebner
Mallory Graham
Melissa Graham
Kristin Grant
Eugene Gregory
Dina Grempler
Christine Griffiths
Michelle Grupe
Ginger Haesler
Gia Hale
Angie Hall
Greta Hammen
Matt Haney
Donna Hanna
Charles W. Harding
Michelle Hardy
T Hardy
Rose Harris-Dexter
Jackie Harvey
Nathan Hathway
Susan Haughton
Mala Heaney
Kiwi Heilman
Elise Heinbuch
Janice Henicheck
Jaime Henning
Susan Henry
Tina Henry
Josephine Herold
Donald Hill
Richard D. Hilton
Hirschler Fleischer (John F. McManus)
Homer & Joyce Hite
Kayla Hodge
Daniel Hoffman
Kenneth Holsapple
Edward Hontz
Sandra Horton
James Howard
Ella Hubbard
Laney Humenik
Elaine Humenik
Sharon Humes
Denise Hunt
Leann Hunt
Sharon Hurley
Connie Hynson
Helen Iglesias
Cornelia Ihlenfeld
Lana MCG Ingram
Vanessa Jackameit
Tina Jackson
Elizabeth Jacoby
Nancy Jaquay
Phil Jenkins
Angel Johnson
Geroge Johnson
Brandie Jones
Liana Jones
Retta Jones
Dr. Greg Kauffman
Marion Kaus
Ovander Kay

KAZ Automotive (Liana Jones)
Regis Keddie III
Donnie Key
Tiffany Keyser
Carmen Kinder
Alicia Kindred
Larry King
Philip King
King George Builders Association Inc.
Kiwani's Foundation of Fredericksburg
Sheri Klein
Ashley Koch
Suzan Kosch
Linda Kramer
Christine Kuney
Carain Labbe
Deanna Lambertus
Robert Lane
William Larimer
Ethan Larme
Dana Larme
Cheryl Lauber
Elcy Leshley
Jennifer Leupold
Mark Leupold
Sandra Lewis
Lewis Insurance Associates (John Atkins)
Liberty Tax Service
Joseph Limanek
Ashley Lin
Jamie Lindsay
Aubree Lipinski
Little Tire Company (David V. Little)
Kristen Loescher
Mary Logan
Mark Loncar
Lowe's Fredericksburg
Mike & Carol Lucas
Leslie Lunceford
Cristine Lynch
Susan Mahnel
Keith Marine
Robin Marine
Ed Marquardt
Cheryl Martinez
Mary Washington Healthcare
John Massad
Mary & Durward Matherly
Christine Mathews
Amber Mathur
Carolyn P Mathur
Ravi Mathur
Elizabeth McBride
Kelli McBride
Carol McClain
Angela McCormick
Sean McDonald
Terence Mclaughlin
Mary McLean
John McManus
Christine Meehan
Melendez Auto
Patricia Meredith
Elizabeth Mikszewski
Heather Miller
Joe Miller
Joshua Miller
Kristen Miller
Thomas Mills
M J & N Enterprises (John Fick)
Tom Montgomery
Darlene Montgomery
Sandy Montgomery
Scott Moore
Maralyn Moran
Lisa Morio
Diane B Morrison
Kenneth R Morrison
Naomie Murdock
Lee Murray
Jeffry Nebel
Judy Nebel
Amie Nester
Betrang Nguyen
Marie Nichols
NSWC Federal Credit Union (Lisa Wescoat)
Ernest Ohlmeyer
Linda O'Malley
Timothy O'Neill
Papa John's Pizza
Audrey Parker
Kim Parsons
Patrick Caiafa Chiropractor (Patrick Caiafa)
Keys Pattie
Dallas Pattie
David Peck
Emma Peot
Karla Peot
Tristan Peot
Lisa Perkey
Howard and Patricia Piggee
Amanda Pittman
Megan Platenik
Mary Podlesny
Elaine Pounds
Brenda Powell
Suzy Pratt
Debra Quinn
Raelyn Marketing Promotion (Sharon Brill)
Rappahannock Rotery Club Richard Pearce
Stephen Ravinsky
Rebecca Reed
Kimberly Reiley
Bernard Reiley
Misty Rich
Michael Richards
Devlin Richards
Julia Rios
Ristorante Renato (Theresa Bonilla)
Leslie Rivellese
Gary Roach
Richard Roberts
Judith Roberts
Otis Rogers
John Roney
Maxie Rozell
Darcy Ryan
Jessica Salyers
Sammy T's
Sylvia Sellers
Rose Schlemm
Patricia Schultz
Brian Scott
Willie Scott
Jim Scott
Lynda Scott
James Scully
Lura Sergent
Rosie Shaffer
Cindy Shaw
Priscilla Sheeley
Yann-Yann Shieh
Lisa Shuler
Guadalupe Sigman
Susan Sinton
Dale Sisson
Sharon Slavinski
Smart Beginnings (Sara Branner)
Melanie Smith
Betty Snider
Julia Snow
Bonnie Sobieranski
Jim Spain
Stafford Rotary Club
Steamer's Seafood Bar & Grill (Ed Burrow)
Kathy Sterling
Suzy Stone
Stacy Stovall
Scott Stovall
Sara Stowell
Chantal Strohman
Robert Swart
Sweet Frog
Curtis Swinburne
Erin Tamburello
Delilah Tangney
Curtis Taylor
Melissa Taylor
Bonnie Taylor
Barry Taylor
Linda Thomas
Litt Thompson
Clarence Timmons
Jessica Tirman
Truist Comprehensive Distribution
Ray Tubbs
Penelope Turner
United Way of National Capital Area
UPS Store
Vandelay Sales
Beverly Van Horn
Ryan Van Horn
Village 12 / Splitsville (Amanda Baird + Kris Knox)
Visualize and Rize
Carol B. Waite
Melissa Waltman
John Waltman Jr
Nancy Warren
Twanna M. Washington
Washington Capitals
Washington Nationals
Washington Redskins
Waste Management (Tom Cue)
Sion Weaver
Joshua Webb
Mallorie Webb
Becky Weber
Katie Weeks
Angela Williams
Andrea Williams
Chad Williams
Meaghan Williams
Steven Williams
Donna Wilson
Karen Wingeart
Annette Wise
Valerie Wiss
Joel and Mary Wofford
Katrina Wynes
Mary Yates

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