MAY 2017 newsletter


love at first bounce

Ages: 5 to 7 yrs. 11 months Class stresses readiness activities with concentration on movement, balance
& skills to prepare children for striking
a ball with a racquet.
Level: Beginner

10 and under

Ages: 8-10 learn basic motor skills
& introduction to the strokes of
tennis. Includes a T-shirt for
Level: Beginner



10 and Under play
Ages: 7 - 10 years. Class will
include drills, games and play on a smallercourt suited to age level. Must have completed at least 1 class of
Love at First Bounce.


middle school tennis

Ages: 11-14 years. A class for the advanced beginner and above. Must complete Love at First Bounce Class
and be recommended by the
Level: Beginner/Advanced

Beginning Tennis

Ages: 11-16 years. A class for the beginning Tennis Player. Regular
tennis balls & full court used.

Teen Drop-In

Ages: 13-18 years. Drills, play according to skill level


Intermediate Tennis Camp

A class for the player who has
dependable skills and may be ready
to compete in junior tournaments.
Player will learn to improve strokes, accuracy, control of movement, understand both single and doubles
play. A great confi dence builder.
4 day camp.

Advanced Tennis Camp

A class for the skilled player. One
that can maintain and control a rally
as well as look to test and improve
their game in competitive situations.
This player should be on his/her high school team and must have completed the Intermediate course or been approved by an instructor or the
Tennis Director.
4 day camp.

Spring Break Camps

Camp will include helpful drills and